Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I had to go into town today for several errands.

I hate going into town on weekdays. It always involves picking up a prescription at the doctor’s office and then heading over to Rite-Aid. I hate Rite-Aid.

Rite-Aid’s slogan is “It’s not a store, it’s a solution.” This is not true. It is not a solution, for a solution implies a problem already exists before the solution is found. Rite-Aid is the problem. They never have the medication I need in stock, or there’s not enough of it to fill the prescription, or they do have enough in stock but they misplaced the prescription, or they do have the medication in stock, there is enough, and they do have the prescription but their brains only function one day a week.

Once, after having to wait two hours and forty-five minutes to be informed that not only had they forgotten about my prescription but that they couldn’t fill it, I discovered the cause. They didn’t have a “technitician.” There was a sign by the counter. Upon seeing this, I knew not only the fact, but the reasoned fact for why they were so inept. It read “Accepting applications for a technitician.”

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Prophet said...

NEVER GO THERE AGAIN. trust me on this one...