Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Regarding Baseball

The Western Division of the National League completely stinks right now, as evidenced by the first place team, the mighty Padres of San Diego, fluctuating around the .500 mark. This is not a sport but a bore and any sort of pennant race here could be comparable to a 300 meter dash where the contestants are sleepwalking.

The Dodgers, my team, have become a disappointment. After the wonderful 18-2 start to the season--this made me rethink, if only for a few days, my opinion of the trades the front office had made last season--the Dodgers have plummeted down into the depths of mediocrity. I cope with it by pretending the Dodgers don't exist, and so the boys in blue are now the red-headed stepchild in my life.

As a result, I have no interest in any of the pennant races currently and when the World Series rolls around, I will most likely greet it with a yawn. The fall classic currently excites me as much as a public radio pledge drive, which my local NPR station finally finished.

This post was originally slated for my other blog, but it was so original compared to my recent posts that my thought was "Forget that."

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