Sunday, August 21, 2005

Flame war

If any of you read Vince's Awful Blog then you know he clearly feels that my blog is something he must measure up to. I throw down the gauntlet and challenge him to actually accept my invite to a co-blogging experience! One where we can directly snipe at each other from the same page and do other wonderful things. Vince, if you are reading this, then do as I say:
  1. Accept the e-mail inviting you to join this co-blog
  2. Reject the works of darkness
  3. And you shall be saved
Three. You have three last chances. I will send you another e-mail within 24 hours. Accept of suffer the consequences of not having our joint blog posts be part of Drudge Report Unplugged, which will deliver gobs of enjoyment to the readers of the dorm.

This new blog is called I am Maurice Chavez. It can be found at

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