Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Crazy news

Just reading Drudge and here are some interesting stories you might enjoy.

  • People trampled in bid to get cheap laptops
    • Authorities said the sale, which attracted 5,500 people, "had adequate planning." Apparently being run over was part of the planning--who really would have expected 5,500 people, I mean really--and it was all nicely planned out except for the 5,500 man bumrush. Seems being run over is just a consequence of trying to score some cheap iBooks.
  • Nuns protest DaVinci
    • Some nuns were protesting The DaVinci Code being filmed at Lincoln Cathedral. The notable part here is that although the "the dean of Lincoln Cathedral branding the book 'a load of old tosh' he has agreed to let the movie be filmed there. He and the church authorities said yes after the producers donated £100,000 to the coffers." Yeah, the book is "a load of old tosh" but that donation is a load of nice hard currency. I hope this movie bombs.
  • Bush administration uneasy over .xxx domains
    • Bush thinks that .xxx domains are bad? That this would be an endangerment to families and children? Wouldn't it just make porn easier to block if all, or most, porn sites--we're talking about a special industry here--had a specific domain ending? Instead of having porn sites with misspelled addresses like yhaoo.com (there's a reason I didn't link that), now we can corral porno all into one nice domain which school districts can easily block.
And that's all the news I care to type about.

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