Monday, August 14, 2006

Why the content on this blog has been a waste of your time...

...if you come here everyday and are yearning for new content created by me. I have posted a few videos to entertain you during this content durth. I haven't put up any new pictures because I am waiting for my new 400 GB external hard drive to arrive so I will have space to download pictures from my camera onto my hard drive, which is more full than a member of Overeaters Annonymous after a 23 plate binge at HomeTown Buffet.

I also am getting a new memory card to replace the one that was lost at the end of last term. Tommy will be interested in this, the rest of you won't: It's a 2 GB Extreme IV! Now I can take an even larger number of pictures at events. Hahaha.

So while anticipating the new, content yourself with the old and the filler videos I post. Hope you all are well and I look forward to seeing all you TACers in less than a week.


Duffy said...

Woohoo! Extreme IV! What card reader will you use? You won't see any speed bonus with the Rebel XT between the III and IV. But it's forward compatible and is 2GB — good enough to me, it sounds.

Yep, about time that external drive arrives for your use. See you next week!

Kakashi said...

I got the Lexar firewire. Btw, the packaging for the card was extremely classy.