Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rome calls for excommunication of Madonna

Saw this on Drudge. Click here for the story. I suggest we all offer up three Ave Marias in reparation for this blasphamy.


GiblonicChronic said...

I think that an excommunication is long past due. It's not like she hasn't already excommunicated herself by Ipso facto, but something more formal is in line. She has very little talent and is trying to do the same thing that made her popular in the 80's. Her little song and dance are soooo worn out by now. Hopefully she pulls her head out of her behind before she faces the "four last things", but I won't hold my breath. My roomie thinks she is the hottest thing since easy mac'n cheese. Fake cheese, stale macaroni and full of presevatives hmmmm... That pairs great with her Fake talent, Stale routine, and all of those entertainer types are full of preservatives. Maybe we should put her into the microwave on hi for 5 min too and see what happens.

Em son of Harris said...

She's a pretty confused little lady, isn't she? I will pray. She knows not what she does.