Wednesday, August 16, 2006

FYI: Beliefs of various cults

1) Regarding Scientology: Tommy indicated that he does not know much about Scientology. One can easily find info about Scientology online. However, if you have about 20 minutes to kill, there is an infamous/famous episode of South Park explains WHAT SCIENTOLOGISTS ACTUALLY BELIEVE. Click here for the video (requires flash).

WARNING: The characters in South Park use bad language. I do not endorse bad language BUT I did find this particular episode funny.

2) Regarding Mormonism: Here is a video explaining what Mormons believe. Nickolas, you can tell me if it's correct. And here is South Park's explanation of Joseph Smith's origins. This is just a clip, not a whole episode. Dum dum dum dum dum.

3) On an unrelated note (not meant to be humorous), Evan's brother is at Silver City.


GiblonicChronic said...

I have not seen "temple of the god makers" for years. That is the non south park cartoon you have listed. It is very controversial in Utah. Mormons are ordered to destroy every copy that they are able to get their hands on. There is a second video that highlights the mormons Satanic scandals, which are quite in depth and very shocking. They are certainly not the only ones though, considering the rampant Satanism in the mainstream Catholic church at present, I can't throw stones. You could count on your hands the number of US Diocese that are not diabolically influenced, in very blunt and obvious ways. The whole priest scandal boils down to a thriving Satanic underbelly of the US Church, but nobody seems to want to aknowledge that. One of the Sacraments of the Devil however is "Corruption of the Innocent".

I love the south park version of mormonism and scientology. They are both right on. I wonder why they did not mention the "Liahona" and "Labans sword" being in the box with the plates though. I assume that they did not notice that in their research. Also mormons call the seer stones the Urim and Thummin, you never hear them being reffered to as anything else. The use of seer stones was very common in early Utah history. The mormons then were very into diviation, a lot of them are still into it. Even my grandmother has used a "pendulum", to predict the number and sex of children that a women is supposed to have. It is very odd to watch, but she is always accurate.

For anyone who wants to have more accurate info about mormonism, they should go They are a sound group of people, very charitable in their approach. Who want to teach the truth about the mormon church. Their book "Mormonism Shadow or Reality" is the SUMMA of mormon lies and falsehoods. It is a very big thick tome full of great info. I have been needing to buy a copy for my library for years, just never get around to it.

GiblonicChronic said...

P.S. Sorry to get back onto the Satanic subject. But how many of you all, have done research or at least seen pics of the new Satanic Shrine of Freemasonry, dedicated to of all people St.Pio? It is a grave scandal... Very Grave. The tabernacle looks like something straight from hellraiser. I am sure St.Pio finds it as hideous as I do. What an awfull way to disgrace his sacred memory.

Also do an online search about St. Ann's "catholic" church in Toronto. They had a Satanic Ritual in the church during mass last month on the 2nd. The priest physically attacked people who were handing out info telling people about what they just witnessed after the mass. I have no doubt that the priest is possesed. He would have to be since he essentially celebrated a black mass. But it was all in the name of so called "inculturization" so thats ok right, after all the NCCB and CCCB says so, Right...

The Devil has been loosed in a very powerfull way in this time. His strength is greater than it has ever been. Like Holy scripture says that before the Son of Man comes again it will be as in the time of Noah, Luke 17:26. Cults such as scientology will flourish and wolves will rape Holy Mother Church. As was done in Fatima when hindu's chanted the Shanti Pa at the chapel of apparitions, with the full aproval of the rector. The Shanti Pa is a prayer to the goddess "Durga" who is a cohort of KALI. The diabolical reaction to the SSPX pilgramage of reparation for that, was almost to scary to think about. Sorry to get so dark but I just read about what happened in St. Anns. My blood is simmering, I need to go take an icy shower.

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