Monday, August 14, 2006

Scientology will KILL YOU (in addition to having stupid beliefs)

If you know any Scientologists or have even heard of the religion, watch this video.


Duffy said...

How serious is this film? I don't know much about the cult.

tasik said...

yo, I'm trying to get our room rearranged. We had that stupid tabletop thing still in your room PLUS an extra bedframe, all of which I put in storage. We are now lacking a second desk. I'm thinking you can have the desk and I'll take bookshelves and the floor? floorspace probably more precious than deskspace.

Or I could get another desk from somewhere.

And as you had it last year, I'm putting the bed athwart the doorway (but still fire code)

I'm moving in today.

My brother's taking of the Benedictine habit was great, btw. We are taking a trip out to that monastery sometime next year, dude. You HAVE to see it.

GiblonicChronic said...

This is awesome! I like the creepy music. Scientology is certainly the most dangerous cult in the world right now. It is scary how little people know about it's sorrid past. This is all old news to me, but I enjoy seeing their crazy doctrine exposed, not to mention their very scary and even deadly tactics. I put them on the same level as Satanism. But the funny thing is that the Satanic religion is less crazy and makes more sense than Scientology. If I had the choice of Satanism or Scientology, it would be for Satanism. I honestly would choose death before either, but of the two Satanism is less dangerous and insideous, and certainly has more substance. That is pretty sad to say, however very true.

Hey Tasik, where is your brother going into the Monastery? Is it the one in Silver City? That would be awesome. I have been meaning to take a trip there.

tasik said...

That's affirmative. Go there, it's worth seeing.

GiblonicChronic said...

Awesome, your family must be very proud. The brother of a friend of mine was a monk there for 6 years, but had to leave for health reasons. He really liked it and was sad to leave. The pics I have seen are incredible. Not many places like it in the world, I am sure. It will be great when they are too full and have to start branching out into other parts of the US. I want them to put a monastic house here in Id.