Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mission San Carmel

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Em son of Harris said...

BEAUTIFUL shots, John - you've got a great eye. You are still thinking about shooting my wedding, right?

Maybe I should e-mail you about that more formally, eh?

Evan said...

Just remember, he's just finished up six weeks of working for free - and he doesn't work for apples and oranges. At least not last I checked.

Anonymous said...

Salve, Joanne, laeta sum noscere te esse vivum... quo modo vales?

Si sciam ..em...addressem electronicam tuam, non necesse sit legere semper commentibus in bloggam tuam.

Scisne ubi in cyberspacione mittere litteras electronicas mihi? Hic est address meam: quintae primae litterae nominis primi mei, et sequitur "kate", omnia @[domus-nomen scholae nostrae.edu]

Si non vis legere omnia in Latina (sicut olim in "tempore terminum" non voluisti audire conversationem meam cum amico volante nostro)... nimis malum tibi. Lege mihi et fortasse in lingua patriae nostrae relegam (Si etiam hoc est verbum?).

In Corde Mariae,
Amica tua quae sola legat in Latina.

Kakashi said...

Um, this last comment will take a little time since my latin is rusty.

Prophet said...

boyer, you can't read or write... latin.

ooooh. got you good, sucker.

"Thomas Aquinas is great, let's hold hands."

Prophet said...

~Chris Decean

Anonymous said...

Ach! I'm not "glad to kill that you are alive..."
I meant, of course, "scire".

Please pardon all the other mistakes I haven't read yet.