Sunday, July 30, 2006

Concerning the recent "Comments" section activity

Just chill out, everybody. The opinions expressed in the comments section may or may not reflect those of Kakashi. If you do not like the comments, then tell the person who left them, not me. The people who read this blog--I can count the number on two hands or less, I think, unless I'm more successful than I think--are mature and can deal with acronyms like SSPX very easily.

Good lord, I don't check the blog for like a day and all this springs up.

No offence intended towards you Evan. By the way, what happened to your blog? Did you sell it to some car insurance people? Posted by Picasa


GiblonicChronic said...

Good Heavens, are you online right now? I hope that I didn't overstep my welcome by speaking my mind earlier. It's weird that those four letters get under people's skin sooo bad. SSPX ohhhhhh, SSPX ohhhhh I'll say it again SSPX. Ahhhhhhhhh Fr's Hewko, Crane and Alphonsus just jumped out of my hard drive doing flying drop kicks and sprinkling Holy Water everywhere. Oh my, The modernist bystanders are Melting.... MELting..... Whew... better be carefull next time I do that. Now I have to make the good Fathers a cup of Tea, before trying to figure out how to stuff them back into the hard drive. Oh, Fr. Crane just said that they are going to have Fr.Fullerton at headquarters teleport them back to their priories after tea, much more simple. Well I need to go whip up some earl gray. Later

Kakashi said...

I don't think you overstepped your bounds. And I am up this late. It's summer vacation.

GiblonicChronic said...

Well thanks, for a minute that guy made it sound like this was supposed to be granny Mabel's house of boredom. Blogs are kinda fun. I could get use to this. Oh, and just curious. Is this "Evan" a Trad?

Kakashi said...

Yea, Evan's a trad.

Kakashi said...

His comments are prompted by the fact that some of my friends who read the blog aren't trads and have less than warm feelings towards the SSPX.

Duffy said...

Might I suggest to Master Giblon that there are really truly people in the world who think the SSPX is schismatic. Speaking of them as buffoons isn't going to help either position, and one has a much better chance of winning them over if one considers them misguided but on the right track; heck, charity covers everything.

Also, discretion is not even close to being in the genus as boredom. So much for "Granny Mabel."

In other news, how's Fr. Crane? I haven't seen him since he was transferred from Corpus Christi in Edmonds, WA.

Kakashi said...

Good to hear from you Tommy. Gosh, a little bit of harsh words brings all the readers out of the woodwork.

GiblonicChronic said...

Sorry to sound harsh... Us former mormons tend to be rather blunt and unapologetic. I seem to think that the idea of the Church Militant is rather literal. As in all wars there is collateral damage, usually that is someones delicate sensibilities.

The SSPX is destined to be one of the greatest orders the church has even known. There are a lot of people who would scoff at that, but the work that His Grace Marcel Lefebre started is going to help Tradition for the future of the church profoundly. Before people get all bent out of shape about them they should read Apologia Pro by Michael Davies, amoung many other things. That book profoundly impacted my opinion of the Society and it's mission.

Thank god for our Holy Father Benedict becuase I feel that he is setting the climate for a return for Tradition. He is making some very intersting moves in the curia. It is fun to watch the replacements, many of them really seem to be for the better. Most of the crazy modernist cranks are finally getting old and retiring. Hopefully the Springtime of the Liturgy, long awaited will come. I think that the SSPX will play a big role in this return, but only time will tell.

My main reason though for supporting the SSPX, is the priests. All that I have met have been very humble spiritual men, that have profoundly affected my love for the Church and her Sacraments. As I meet other people my age and younger who's lives have benefited by the pastoral care of the society, it does nothing but solidify my respect for it.

Fr. Crane sang the first High Mass I went to, here in Boise on Easter Sun 02'. His sermon scared the crap out of me. I had never heard a priest like him before. Very blunt and to the point. I was acctually offended a bit when I left Mass. I didn't understand till the next day, then I realized it was because he made me feel guilty...

In the present age of modernism there is this lovey dovey, mass of creation, here i am Lord, Chinga Chinga Catholicism. There is no need for guilt, sin, shame and penance. In my previous parish they put rocks in the Holy Water fonts during lent.(why? I don't know... but it anoyed the crap out of me) Once this little hispanic priest gave a sermon on sin and hell. You would have though he had used foul language or something. I heard so much back talking about it from several people, for weeks afterwards. It wan't so hard core as to really shake me, but I thought it was weird that so many people were upset by it's slight heavy handidness. Then there were a few of those like myself thinking "Right on Father" as Well I am sure.

Fr. Crane was like that every Sun, and nobody at our little church has gripped to me about him. He was greatly beloved and admired by all. Our parish is doing a good job producing vocations at present, so our priests must be doing something right.

Currently Fr. Crane is the Bursar for the SSPX headquarters in Ks. I spoke to him for almost an hour, 3-4 months ago when our parish was in the process of purchasing our current church. It was a Catholic church but was yanked from under the parish and sold. We were able to purchase it less than a year after it was closed. So naturally the local ordinary is furious. I think it's rather amusing. So much for charity. He should be thrilled we are restoring a historical part of his Diocese. So even though I am less than 600 yards from a catholic church, which is very chinga chinga(tambourines rattling) I go through the trouble of riding out into the country to attend Mass 45 min away. I tell you it is worth every second.

By the way Duffy I like your site. You seem like a pretty cool guy. TAC has some very amazing students. John is a really great guy too. I felt honored to have met him at camp. I always have had a high esteem for the caliber of people that TAC seems to be producing. It would be awesome to go there but I'm a little past my prime college years. Maybe if I win the lottery and can quit my job and be a student again. Must be nice... Well.. Pax Tecum


P.S.... I do think it's weird that TAC doesn't have an Indult for the Traditional Mass though. Classical education, modern mass??? It just doesn't seem to fit. Why not have the Classical Liturgy to go along with the Great Classical Education. It just seems to make more sense.

Anonymous said...

TAC does have an indult, but only for once a month for the present.

The new chaplain is a Dominican, though, an so automatically has the perogative to say the old Dominican rite.

GiblonicChronic said...

Really... That is great. I think maybe John told me that while we were at camp, but did not remember. I assume that the once a month thingy is all that is allowed by the local ordinary. At least they get it that much though, and from a Dominican too how impressive. It's not said versus populum is it? Do most of the students attend?

St. Dominic is actually my confirmation saint, so I have always had a great devotion to him. I think that it is pretty cool that TAC has a Dominican that says Mass the Traditional way. Is he a younger or older priest? Does he always wear his habit in public? The Dominicans in SLC only wear theirs on Sunday. The rest of the time they dress like hippies pretty much. I never once saw one in a clerical collar. They used the novus ordo and I saw no difference from their mass as with any other parish. In the traditional Dominican rite, there is some cool stuff they do during the epiclesis from what I understand.

It has been my experience with Dominicans in general, especially the western province, that they are very modern and liberal. I was really tempted to join them after high school, but figured if I was going to go into religious life I wanted the real deal. Traditional Mass, hardcore disipline and piercingly deep spirituality. The new mass would be a total disruption to that sort of life, so I gave up on the thought.

There are a group of Traditional Dominicans affiliated with the SSPX in France, which are very hardcore. They won't even eat meat unless it is offered to them outside the monastery. I have been thinking about it, but I love meat. The mortification would be good for me though. I used to be vegitarian, it's no so hard, so I will continue to think and pray if that would be the right decision.

Em son of Harris said...

John, darling, . . .

I don't need to say anything to let you know what I'm thinking.

Thanks for the word, Tommy. I am one of those "people", and I don't much take to the term "buffoon".

Just thought I'd let you all know I've been readin'. See, Evan? I can do it. See? No temper tantrums.

GiblonicChronic said...

Em, I like how you state your devotion to the Blessed Mother in your "about me" section. It is a very beautiful choice of words.

I certainly would never call anyone a baffoon, especially a lady. Temper tantrums can be fun however, depending on how severe they are. I usually just babble on about stuff until my brain hurts.

I know that there are a lot of people that have less than warm fuzzies about the SSPX, and that is fine. Regardless though some people, myself included live in liturgical wastelands, and have no other choice. Not that I would go to an indult if it were available, becuase I really enjoy the mission and works of the SSPX. I am very optimistic about the situation being regularized soon. In France the tide is really starting to turn. So hopefully the american hierarchy will follow suit. The liturgy as a major aspect of that.

Have you heard about the new Traditional Benedictine monastery in Ok that is opening soon? It is approved by the Diocesan Bishop. Hopefully they fill up soon and start opening more thoughout the US. Our country needs the prayers of as many cloistered religious possible.

The new younger Bishops seem to be more more generous about freeing the Tradional Mass. I am sure that it is more than just a trend. We will see, but it is cool to think of all the ups and downs of the church. Whitnessing and being part of it, she has been around for so long, and will continue long after we are burried. The thought leaves me in awe. Anyways God Bless...


Em son of Harris said...

Mr. Giblon,

You don't want to experience one of my temper tantrums. Ask John. Or Evan . . .

I'm not going to debate with you guys on this front here, k? My complaints are much more serious than the simple absence of "warm fuzzies". But then again, we've been there, done that, haven't we, Boyer? You know where I stand, and I made it quite clear where the lines were drawn. I don't mean to say anything else in the meantime.

Pax Christi sit semper vobiscum,

SkyPilot said...

Emily, I can feel the restrained emotions from here.;) I'm reading your blog, Boyaaaaa!

GiblonicChronic said...

Well Emily, I certainly do not want to cause some sort of heated debate. If you had met me in person you would know that I am just very sarcastic in a joking way, and frequently mock the goofy aspects of modernism, amoung many other things. I do it all in good fun(well most of it anyways).

I know that there are many faithful Catholics in the SSPX and in many other parts of The Church as well. All Catholics faithfull to eternal Rome, who love The Church and her teachings, have a duty to strive for unity. So naturally we are very passionate about our perception of the current state of things. We are all allies in this battle for Truth in a civilization gone mad.

I like to dialogue about controversial subjects, and am open to that on or off this blog. For the most part though, I was curious as to how many people are reading this, who have a strong opinion either way SSPX or otherwise, about Tradition and its current state in the church.

I think it is good for us Catholics to challenge eachother, not in a pridfull way, but in an effort to learn from and get to know eachother. At camp somebody challanged John, as to weather God can make a square circle. The guy asking it was pretty young, and had a rather odd concept about the matter, not to mention how illogical that question is in the first place. But it was still fun to watch John shred his whole idea in a very precise and educated manner. The guy asking the question is a nice guy, but his means of discussing matter was more like an argument. It is not good to argue but it is fun to discuss. Chiding eachother in a good natured way is part of the fun.

All you TAC students with your Fancy Great Books Educations. Which I am so very envious of by the way. I have only dreamed of attending TAC for the last decade, and it always will just be a dream. I really goofed off my last two years of HS and they would laugh their butts off at my transcript. However working in Banking, while very boring, pays fairly well for the time being. I wish I could be a student though, you guys are so lucky.

Do you have one more year of TAC? Congrats on getting hitched soon by the way. Hope you have tons of little Catholics together. :-)



evan said...

Yeah, don't piss Em off. Really, it's for your own good. (difficulty restraining laughter)