Monday, February 13, 2006

Section Bonding

"I started reading the classics when I was four or five. Of course I was just trying to find out about sex."
--Mrs. Gustin

Our section dinner was this past Saturday night at the Ferrier's house with Mrs. Gustin co-hosting. It has been a long time since I have enjoyed good wholesome fun and smelled of stale cigarette smoke afterwards. A long time. The last time I enjoyed good wholesome fun and smelled of stale cigarette smoke afterwards was in my childhood, before the state legislature banned smoking in bowling alleys. Anyway, after a wonderful dinner, we all played a game called "Fictionary," which is apparently identical to a game called Balderdash. Then we sang a bunch of hymns of the black spiritual variety (i.e. they are Protestant ; the exemplar Oregon Catholic Press continues to fall short of and will never reach). I found out that I can sing, or at least I can actually sing halfway decently, contrary to my previous self-deprecating assessment. I also discovered that Mochow's observation that I am bass, not a tenor, is true. I was straining to reach the high notes. After this wonderful bonding experience, the whole section (by whole I mean everyone who had shown up and/or had not left early--you know who you are) prayed Rosary with Mr. Ferrier outside on the patio.

This has brought me even closer to a group of classmates whose company I already enjoyed.

(On a separate note, if you like the pictures, feel free to post a comment. This includes my father, who called me up to tell me he liked my pictures. That's great, but I do love getting those comments. And so do you. It makes us bloggers feel loved and lets us know that our words are actually being read rather than being thrust into a lonely neglected corner of the internet.

Also, I have lost/misplaced my USB flash drive, so there won't be anymore picture posts until a) I find it or b) I get around to lugging my laptop up to the library, something I will try to do asap.)


Neji's Shadow said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't it Base not Bass (it may just be me, but bass brings up images of that talking fish...) As for pics, good job, tadashi (however) in news media you are not allowed to edit pictures except to crop and remove red eye. Just thought I'd give you the heads up.

Kakashi said...

That's rather harsh. No contrast adjustment? Just direct from the camera with minimum fixes? Crap.

tasik said...

The singing voice is in fact "bass", as in electric bass, the bass adjustment on the equalizer, the gigantic violin, etc ad nauseam. It is NOT "bass" as in the Lake Michigan fish, or as in the corruption of the popular phrase "ass backwards".

Yeah, Kakashi, you need to learn how to engineer those settings to make all those adjustments BEFORE you shoot.