Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Mission (Santa Barbara Trip)

Here are some pictures from my President's Day trip to Santa Barbara. I am posting them in reverse cronological order, although Blogger has messed up the order in which I uploaded them. So the posts themselves are in reverse cronological order, the pictures are out of the order I uploaded them, and you, my reader/viewer, are out of order if you like the pictures and don't leave a comment.


Neji's Shadow said...

All in all, very good pics! You should think about going pro. One word of warning, though: depending on who your taking pics for, major photoshop edits might be banned (I know you love to do that...)

Kakashi said...

Actually, none of these pics have been photoshopped in the least.

Em son of Harris said...

I, for one, don't care whether you photoshopped them, John. They still show a great artistic eye, whether it's a retrospective eye or no.

Although, I have to admit there is something philosophically dubious about photoshopping something beyond recognition. Mutilating an image into something utterly remote from the reality it was a reflection of seems awfully akin to a lie: it's like "saying what is not", only it's "showing what is not".

Ne'ertheless, cropping a shot seems permissible, and color correction for the sake of representing a subject well also seems permissable and even commendable.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

When I was taking graphic design this really bothered some ladies in the class... "photographic truth" was going away.
I think, though, that no one need be scandelized (truth doesn't depend on being represented fo its truth...)
but more seriously, that it's just a new form of art. Call it a subalternate art to photography... it takes it's principles from it :o)