Friday, January 27, 2006


Somethingawful, a site which can't be accused of false advertising, is no longer blocked by the TAC webfilter, making its treasure trove of Photoshop fun avaliable to one and all. If you don't find the following phrase funny (the following phrase: "When Frithweaver dies he is going to Jerk Heaven."), don't visit (click "visit" to visit). But, do enjoy the picture from a past week's Photoshop Phriday. The Richard Scary takeoff is quite funny.

And on a plus note, my camera will be delivered back to me TODAY. Canon's turnaround time is amazing. The quality of their repair department has yet to be seen.


tasik said...

Dang. That was quick.

Oh, and yes, the cartoon was funny, but it doesn't fit on your webpage, which COMPLETELY spoils the effect.

Kakashi said...

Well, now it does fit my webpage, thus redeeming the effect and rendering it as unspoilt as the pure driven snow.