Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Blame! (not the manga)

Last night was one of the worst seminars I have had in a long time ("long time" being defined as "at least three months"). The reading was Locke and the conversation was scattered. One might say that the soup d'jour ("soup d'jour" being defined as "soup of the day" or "common expression for a recurring theme or event") was interruption while the special "catch of the day" ("special catch of the day being defined as "something out of your pricerange") was a tendency not to listen to other people.

I probably share some blame for the seminar, but on the otherhand, don't we all share some blame for something? And if we don't share some blame, is this becasue we never listened to what our mothers told us about sharing when we were children. Lest my mother's words have been said in vain, I give you a share of the blame.

It was your fault. You're guilty, you did it, you, you, you.

Hey, stop hogging the blame! I need to blame some other people later. Stop being so self-centered.

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