Wednesday, January 25, 2006


So the Pope has put out his first encyclical Deus caritas est. I am printing it out right now, so I can't give any thoughts on it or say anything witty or critical. I often find myself unable to do either of these self-appointed tasks which others expect are mere second nature to me. I am interested in what Benedict has to say, especially since there apparently is a bit about the roles of church and state (hint hint: potential area for dispute). Although, I will criticise the new Vatican copyrights. The Vatican had to move against "pirated editions." Yes, becasue there are tons of youth downloading handicam versions of encyclicals off of BitTorrent.

That criticism wasn't up to snuff. To make up for it, I will now give you two funny things:
1) A picture in The Onion of Jessie Jackson standing in front of a group of angry snowmen.
2)A story about Michael Jackson going shopping...dressed as an Arab woman.

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