Thursday, December 29, 2005

Vacation summary

I haven't blogged at all this vacation. This lack of words can be attributed to two things: no internet connection and a complete apathy towards letting anyone and everyone who cares about me (and knows about this blog) know how and what I am doing.

Well, here I am. I will try to fix this as quickly as possible.

I am currently sitting in the new "computer lab" in the Hanford Public Library. The man to my right is searching eBay for radio accessories. The kid to my right has a lot of ads in his browser with titles like "Which one is hotter?" I have four browser windows open because the enlightened folks here at the library don't know about Firefox.

I am doing well. Christmas was one of the best in years. I didn't get very much stuff but I had a great time, due in no small part to the fact that I must have played 20-30 games of pool with my youngest cousin Adam. The pool table is part of a 13-in-1 game tables. We got it either one or two Christmas (what is the plural of Christmas anyway?) ago.

I have been to the dentist for the first time in two years and my teeth are wonderful, according to Dr. Peterson, my new dentist. He told me multiple times I would be a great canidate for an expensive bleaching proceedure not covered by my insurance. He also called me "Bruce," my father's name, at least five times.

I had quite an eventful day yesterday. I woke up at the crack of ten, went to the gym, went to the dentist, did some errands around town, went to Visalia, sold the remainder of my rock cds for $129.50, closed the car door on a cat's paw after having locked the door and not having the key on me, and I also spent twenty minutes figuring out what to do about a stray dog which was wandering around on our lawn, trying to discern the best place to piddle. I finally decided that the dog would go away, taking my responsiblitities towards stray dogs with him.

I have to pick up my brother from an all-night computer/video game orgy that he and his friends call a sleepover. I will possibly write some funny and/or touching accounts of my vacation later. Oh, and Tasik, Caged Bird's Shaddow (aka Mok-san) gave me the heads up about that unknown personage.

P.S. I hate the Blogger spell checker.


tasik said...

I was afraid the unknown personage was someone on campus. Thank you for allaying my fears.

Glad to hear you had a good Christmas.

Cat with a mangled paw now, huh? Hah, hah...That'll teach it to go sticking its paws in car doors.

IT'S SNOOOOOOWING!!!! I can go ski again! And take pictures this time, because my parents' camera is right in front of me!

God bless,


PS - the computer is now fixed for the fifth time. Also I am finished with Pascendi and Mortalium Animos and am starting Humani Generis over again. I'm getting more done than I thought I would. I also plan to review Descartes and do ALL my paradise lost....

PPS - The Minnesota Cowgirl is getting married in May. Did I ever tell you about the Cowgirl? She still holds the record for being my longest-running crush. If you're not interested in childish details, don't ask.

Prophet said...

what's all this unknown personage stuff, and heck yes we want to know about the cowgirl!

Prophet said...

btw, you should post more often bruce.

tasik said...

Yeah, Bruce. We want to hear more of Bruce's outlook on life. Cm'on.