Saturday, December 31, 2005

Thrift Store

I stopped in at the Salvation Army on my way home from the library today. The librarians decided since New Year's Day is a Sunday and thus they would have gotten it off anyway, they ought to take New Year's Eve off too, in order to get a head start on causing their New Year's Day hangovers. Watching the Rose Parade with a pounding headache must not be very fun.

Anyway, I stopped in at the Salvation Army to browse their book selection. As a connoisseur of cheap used books, I have determined that any thrift store worth its salt (on sale for $1.50, donated by The Salt Emporium in an uncharacteristic act of philanthropy) must have a copy of a book written by Rush Limbaugh along with the obligatory Tom Clancy and P. D. James paperbacks. I'm not sure why this is, but based on a small number of particulars I am abstracting a hasty universal. So if you go to a thrift store to buy used books (you can usually find some notable titles for $1), make sure they have El Rushbo on the shelf. And if you see any notable titles, buy them and then sell them at a slightly higher price at your local used bookstore.

Happy New Year! And Merry Christmas (because it still is Christmas, even though your neighbors tossed their tree out for curbside pick up right after they finished opening presents on the 25th.)


tasik said...

happy Epiphany.

See you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hey, guess what... St. Therese still has full internet access from over break.
Meaning that I can fritter time from the comfort of my own home.
Happy Still-in-the-octave-of-Epiphany.