Wednesday, December 07, 2005


In today's installment of "Something Completely Different," we join our protagonist sitting in the computer room of the library, pre-occupied with finals.

Finals are officially a mere three days away. It's not sinking in yet, but I will have to spend approximately ten to eleven hours this coming week writing in blue books, possibly less than eleven hours sleeping, and who knows how many hours studying. It doesn't help that only one of my tutors has handed out a study guide. For music, we have been told to know everything. Math is going to be philosophical. Whoopee. Oh, I've already contained my excitement to a small box, lest it get out and cause an accident.

Philosophy is also bad. The reason isn't the subject matter, but the uncertainty and confusion about what exactly is up with the philosophy final. Miss Zedlick had to go to Germany because her father is dying of leukemia. No one is sure who is going to write up our philosophy final, what will be on it, or even who is going to grade it. Lab on the other hand is dead certainty. Berquest will write it up, grade it, tell us what to know. And word on the street about last year's lab final is that no one finished in under two hours. Word is the test was murder.

So, like I said, I'm rather pre-occupied. But in exchange for hearing me complain, here is a funny comic strip mocking the UN.


Neji's Shadow said...

Well, my friend, what you need is something to reduce stress before your finals. Now don't get me wrong, studying is very important, but if you go in with two tons of stress weighing around your neck like an anchor it won't matter how much you studied, as you won't remember any of it when the final comes before you. Take my advice (for once): study, but don't stay up beyond 12 on any night you have a final the next day (even if you think you need to study more). Also, see if someone has a copy of Faulty Towers on DVD and go see a few episodes. Having something to laugh at unrelated to the finals will clear some of the stress generated by them. Finally, once you walk out of one of your finals, talk with people about it for an hour or so, then completely forget about it and move on to the next one. You can't change the past, but you can change the future. Be well, and good luck. My final starts in about 20 minutes or so.

Prophet said...

you are so screwed boyer! I've been done with my finals for a week. eat your heart out...