Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday morning

It's still grey outside. The rains departed and left us with a continual grey haze which isn't thick enough to be fog yet isn't thin enough to be mist. It does add some character to the sky, alleviating the tyranny of blue skies without any clouds. However, as we know from Roman history, usually a tyrant will merely be replaced with another tyrant. If these clouds of mist/fog (I guess you could call it "mog" or "fist", but both of those sound and look really stupid) don't give us a bit of variation soon, then we will have another tyrant over us.

I wish Captoe was showing in a local theater. It looks good. Good enough that I bought In Cold Blood the other day. Unfortunately, now must think I'm either into books about actual grizzly murders (they recommended the book Helter Skelter to me; it's about the Manson killings) or that I am homosexual (or at least metrosexual) since they recommended Breakfast at Tiffany's.

I am neither homosexual, meterosexual, asexual, nor late for theology. But if I type any longer I will be late for theology. St. Thomas: "Deus esse." I couldn't agree more.

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