Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Al Franken

If you don't check Drudge, you might not have heard about Al Franken's latest escapades. Yes, the smirking humorist of the left is making waves. He has a video out for his new book in which a conservative is kicked in the groin, has a stool smashed on him, culminating with a beer bottle being broken over his head. The video is kinda funny, since Franken makes fun of people who leave negative reviews on Amazon.com for books that they haven't read nor will ever read. On the other hand, it's in bad taste, to say the least.

The second blip on the radar are his jokes about the executions of Karl Rove and Scooter Libby, both part of the entire CIA leak circus. Check out what he said on Letterman and on the Today show.

I've never read Franken. I don't intend to. But the titles of his books, the smug look on his face, and these actions are enough for me to wish he would just go away. I bet he's funny. Michael Moore's book Downsize This was funny, even though I was quite offended at a truck load of what he said. Not to mention that his rant about Corporate Welfare Moms was boring.

Can we just go back to politics as usual after Bush leaves office? Please?

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