Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Mission success

Visited the Santa Barbara Mission today. The tour costs four dollars per person. A man stopped my father in the book store and asked him if the church was worth four dollars to look at. Upon further thought, I don't think four dollars is a lot of money to begin with, especially when it's not your four dollars.

The interior of the church was dark and colorful. Dark since there wasn't a lot of lighting. Colorful since the church had been restored to its "original appearance" using bright colors. See for yourself.

The sanctuary here and below the colorful paint.

Unfortunately the zeal for historical accuracy doesn't extend to placing the alter against the wall or having holy water fonts. Instead there was the cliched baptismal font being inappropriately used as a holy water dispenser.

Outside the SciFi Channel was filming a movie. There was a guy dressed like a priest and a man and a woman wearing stupid clothes and pretending to shoot guns at something just beyond the camera.

Going to watch Friday Night Lights tonight. Good movie. Highly recommend it.

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