Monday, July 25, 2005

Abandon Ship! We've been overrun!

It seems that this blog is going to be taking a more personal, this-is-what-is-happening-to-me tone.

Now to get down to business. Several unfortunate things have happened (and by several I mean two).
  1. The college campus has been overrun with high school students, or, as I have decided to call them, cancer with legs.
  2. has been blocked by the school's web-site blocking software.
It's not that I dislike high school students. I was a high school student at one point and was quite fond of myself and my peers, with the exception of half of my high school class--I was rather bitter towards others in high school. I dislike these high school students because they are a large plague on the land, ravaging the food supplies, leaving messes in the commons, and generally acting like they own the place just because their parents paid $800 or so so they could spend a fortnight here pretending to be college students. Check out that link. See how many teenagers there are? Now imagine them all congregating fifteen minutes early for lunch and talking very loudly. While we summer workers eat. Maybe that doesn't seem as bad as I made it sound. Maybe you don't get annoyed easily. I will try to be nice and charitable towards them for the next two weeks. The first week will be very easy since I am going on vacation.

The second item is the more serious of the two. If this site was manually blocked, then this heralds a new reign of censorship here at the college. Just let that sink in. I'm probably overreacting to this. I have visited Novus Ordo Watch before using school computers. I am shocked to find out that this site which was previously "acceptable" is now
Website Blocked: Inappropriate Content

and cannot be viewed. Does this mean that any site which is vocally critical of the current papacy and the entire modernist movement within the Catholic Church is now rated at the same level as I'm guessing not, but if I find anymore blocked sites, don't worry, I'll let all three of you readers know (Am I flattering myself by assuming I have at least three readers? Yes.).

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but isn't blocked on the school computers...