Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dead computer

Alas my friends, my computer is giving me a blue screen of death before Windows boots up. Fortunately, for those waiting for wedding pictures, those files are backed up on my external hard drive. Unfortunately, this means the Lightroom files (and all pictures) on my hard drive are potentially gone, which means the edits are gone. My dad is going to have an IT guy from his school district take a look at the computer, so cross your fingers.


Can Bass 1 said...

Dear Mr Kakashi:

What's the secret of your incredible longevity?

Adeoamata said...

Dude, is this excuse going to be the dying words of this august blog? Not to say that rough-languaged reviews of obscure movies is nothing, but... you can do better :-)


Kakashi said...


The dead computer explained the lack of photographs (this blog having been turned into a pure photoblog). But in reality? The real excuse is what has killed all my blogging efforts. Other things come up, I get busy, and this falls off the map.

Also, I really feel that I don't have very much to say (if you can believe it). Perhaps I might rephrase that as "I don't have anything to say which is worth writing or interesting enough to read."

But I think I will try to take another crack at this (especially since Paul has gone on to bigger and better things over at poptimal.com--the foul mouthed reviews weren't mine, if I recall correctly).