Friday, October 26, 2007

what's playing

Tasik doesn't care for moody electronica inspired soundscapes. I dig though.


tasik said...

Correction: Tasik doesn't care for electronica, unless he is in a weird mood.

"Soundscapes?" What the heck is a "soundscape"? Rocks and trees for your ears? Mountains and skyscrapers passing through your skull? Scapes are vfx, not sfx. Sound is vibration, nothing could be more homogenous. Scapes are inevitably heterogenous sweeping views of physical stuff. Vibration has being only in virtue of another; it can't possibly aspire to independent existence, like scapes.



Emily said...

*giggling* I think I would be inclined to agree with you, Tasik. However, notice the fact that the word "land" in "landscape" seems to be modifying the latter part of the term. So, the question seems to be, what is a "scape" that it should be such a thing that admits of "land" being predicated of it, and is it the sort of thing that might be modified by other types of things? We obviously need to define our terms more carefully, here.

Now, according to Wikipedia, "The word landscape comes from the Dutch word landschap, from land (patch or area that comes from the Basquish word landa meaning labored earth) and the suffix -schap, corresponding to the English suffix "-ship"."

So, uuuuhm, that confuses me. What do you think the etymology does for us? Etymological roots cannot, after all, be equated with real definitions, as language does evolve. Taking the etymological roots into account, however, "landscape" is kind of similar to "friendship" or "craftsmanship", where 'ship', or 'scape', can be modified by other terms for the sake of creating a new, abstract noun. Hmmmm . . .

Wow, I'm feeling nerdy now.

Glad to see you return to the land of living bloggers, Kakashi. I was beginning to get really concerned about you. ;)

Emily said...

This blog is starting to suffer from false advertising again . . .