Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dorm Wars

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LiLosSoljr said...

Hurrah for us- dorm wars shut down in a spectacularly short THREE days!!! I really don't think it would be possible for that to be out done...

Anonymous said...

Whoa. What happened?
(And more importantly... which dorms were allied?)


Em son of Harris said...

I know you took more shots than this, John. Where are the ones of the girls? ;)

And I can answer that question for you, my beloved Extra-Terrestrial ;) - -

As far as I know, there were no alliances completely solidified before the boys got everything shut down. But, for my part I can say that St. Monica's still made out like bandits. :) Three dorms courted us, and two of them brought us chocolate. One brought wine, another brought vodka - one even brought flowers. It was really unfortunate that we never got to make them anything in return, but if they'd followed the RULES . . .


It was really wild this year, though. There's a freshman with a broken arm, and the dorm tyrants were very active and loud. Lots of fun while it lasted - at least for the ladies. :)

Lots of luv,

Anonymous said...

Hi Emson!

Wow, too bad for the other girls' dorms... we were feeling rather left out with all the Serra-Monica business last year, if you remember.

What happened to your own blog? I tried to look for it a few times to no avail. By the way, you can write me directly at (first 4 letters of my name)+ (your next younger sister's 4-letter name) @ (our favorite school).edu

And you too, John! I still have no clue how to write you besides through these comments!

Love In Our Lady,

Anonymous said...

ug, correction, :

(first ***5** letters of my name)+ (your next younger sister's 4-letter name) @ (our favorite school).edu

Em son of Harris said...

I knew your addy, Lizabet. Unfortunately, I just haven't gotten 'round to writing you! Will make sure to do so and also send you the blog addy - it still exists at the same old location it was at before.

Prophet said...