Monday, May 01, 2006


A delinquent blogger, in my case a delinquent photoblogger, is apathetic about posting. He is probably unaware that he has not posted recently, unless laziness and apathy rather than the hustle and bustle of life have kept him from posting.

Hello, my name is Kakashi, and I am a delinquent blogger. I am fully aware that I have not posted for almost two weeks. I am aware that I have mentioned to multiple people that I will "post these pictures [which they see me taking] on my blog." I have a new watermark program which does not reduce the size of watermarked files to 307kB; it puts files out at 6.7 MB sometimes. Most unacceptable. My hard drive has a mere 1.9 GB free. I can't handle large amounts of watermarked photos which are awaiting transfer to the web or to CD's.

Now that I have given (in)sufficent excuses, I will type something about my current state. I am doing fine, although finals are sneaking up behind me like a young child with a waterballoon; I don't want to deal with them until they are right behind me, even though I risk getting soaked.

Man that was a bad metaphor.

I must go read Newton's General Scholium now. Then I must read Lincoln and Douglas debating.

Pictures coming soon.

And I don't care if I misspelled any words in this post, so don't point 'em out.

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